Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

A Role-Playing, Action Adventure Game

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

MAX QUEST transplants the excitement of RNG-based slot gaming into an interactive shooting experience. Every bullet fired towards the shambling hordes has a chance to pay out or trigger a feature, and while Ra's gauntlet will test players’ nerve, it never tests their aim. A missed shot will either ricochet until it finds a target, or return to the chamber along with its wager.

As you progress through the rooms, sinking deeper beneath the sands in search of loot, your party will come toe-to-toe with different tiers of terrifying enemies and accrue an arsenal fit for a Pharaoh. Gem-crusted Scarab beetles scuttle, risen warriors sharpen their weapons, and the god’s own Shadowguard shuffle forward in their funeral shrouds.


Luckily you can take the fight to these fearsome foes with Special Weapons. Plasma guns, laser rifles, shotguns, machine guns and grenades can all drop at the feet of the fallen, or can be called down from the surface with a feature buy-in mechanic. Even the biggest guns are no substitute for other adventurers at your side.

MAX QUEST matches players with up to five others in console-style lobbies. Parties will need to co-operate to bring down the hulking God Event bosses and flaming Reborn Mummies. These enemies randomly rise from the dust and offer huge cash prizes or collectible treasures.

Unearth extensive social features, XP-driven player progression, achievements, avatar customization, a leaderboard prize pool designed to power seasonal events, and much more in MAX QUEST: WRATH OF RA.

Game Name

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Release Date

September 25, 2019

Game Type

Action, Adventure, FPS

Number of lines




Max Possible Win

999,999 Coins

Supported Platforms

Desktop (HTML5), Mobile (IOS, Android)



Total Download Size

36.4 MB (Desktop) 20.1 MB (Mobile)

Initial Download Size

6.2 MB (Desktop) 3.7 MB (Mobile)

Desktop Est. Load

34 seconds (5Mbps)

Mobile Est. Load

18 Seconds (3G Speeds)


Game Features

Main Game

God Events

Complete Quests