The temple of the ancient sun god has lain undisturbed for millennia, but now your intrepid band of explorers have broken the seal and stand ready to brave the subterranean maze. But be prepared: Ra’s curse has been awoken and his reanimated army stands between you and the undiscovered treasures of Ancient Egypt.


During your adventure, you will be given quests. These range from 1 star quests (easy) to epic, 5 star quests (difficult), that require finding the rarest treasures in game.

Experience points (XP) earned through quests will help you increase level and compete on the leaderboards.

God Events

At the end of every round, players may be rewarded a God Event. At the end of the round, all current enemies on screen will disappear and a random God will be summoned with their entourage.

Once defeated, players will earn a huge treasure chest carrying collectable treasure and additional cash prizes.


Join forces with up to 5 other players and team up to mow down the unending hordes of cursed monsters. Working together has great benefits and bigger chances of rewards. The more enemies that are destroyed, the greater the chance of a God Event occurring and Reborn Enemies to appear.

Purchase Special Weapons

Treasure boxes containing a special weapon can also be purchased with cash. The special weapon received is determined at random. The more expensive treasure chests have an increased chance of awarding more ammo for the special weapon.


The Leaderboard will award special prizes to the top-ranking players on a schedule to be selected by the Casino Operator. The Leaderboard Cash Pool is filled by players playing the game, each wager contributes 2% to the pool. Each player’s position on the leaderboard is determined by the amount of XP they have earned during the Leaderboard Period, not their total XP. The more XP earned by the player, the higher their rank on the leaderboard.